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“But why would I want to avoid them the most popular dog names?” you might ask. After all, if they’re popular dog names, they must be good.

naming a puppyWell, do you remember in school being called Jason B., because Jason S., Jason C., and Jason R. were all in your class too?

It’s even harder with dogs. If you train your dog to answer to the dog name “Sam” (the number one choice), he doesn’t care who’s calling – dogs are pretty happy just to be getting attention.

The following is a top ten list of the most popular dog names in America. Do you see your top dog name choice on the list? Or worse, the name you’ve actually given your dog?

  1. Sam
  2. Lady
  3. Max
  4. Princess
  5. Jake
  6. Maggie
  7. Rocky
  8. Lucy
  9. Buster
  10. Daisy

The easiest way to avoid them is obvious:


For other tips on how to pick a great name on your own, without consulting Jenny, click here to see the Ten Things To Consider Before Naming Your Dog.


Dog Names

Do You Hope People Won’t Hear You When You Call Your Dog?

1 in 5 pet owners want to change their dog’s name in the first year they have it. Why?

  • They are embarrassed to call the dog home at night.
  • The joke got old fast.
  • The grandparents are offended by the name. 
  • The kids get in trouble when they use the dog’s name at school.
  • They thought “Stinker” was a cute name, and so did 4 other people in the dog’s play group.
  • The name just doesn’t suit the dog anymore.

Do any of those problems apply to you? Or are you planning to get a new dog, and hoping to avoid them? 


Dog Naming Tips:

Ten Things To Consider Before Naming Your Dog

So you know want a creative, funny name that won’t embarrass you to shout or get your kids in trouble to say at school. But there’s got to be more to it than that!

Yes and no. Obviously you just want a name you like. But ideally the name you pick will actually achieve the things we’ve just mentioned, AS WELL AS:

  • Make your dog easier to train
  • Make your dog more obedient
  • Suit your dog for years to come.

The following list of suggestions to keep in mind when naming your dog will help you avoid the some of the things people regret most after they’ve named their dog. More>>>


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